Motivation Posted on 21 Jul 19:04

What is your motivation to keep going? When you alarm clock goes off at 5 a.m., what makes you get out of bed and go to the gym or go to work? Millions of Americans hit the snooze button and roll back over causing them to miss their workout and be late for work. Why is this you or not you?


Motivation can come in many forms. When I was a bodybuilder at 21 to 24 years old, motivation was easly. I could look in the mirror and find something wrong with me physically that I could fix by working out and eating better food.  So, I put one shoe on at a time just like everyone else and went to the gym. Once I was at the gym, I trained like an animal, then I left the gym and ate tons and tons of good healthy food. What did this do for me…well it won me the Mr. Alabama title in 2007 at 23 years old….Big woop…Other than giving me a big paperweight that I have to dust every week. It didn’t give me anything.

So, I thought in bodybuilding I need to be pro to make money….So, I trained hard for another year (while in Grad School and working full time) and went to a competition called NPC Nationals and got 14th (Barely Top 15)…not too bad, but not good either. So, took that horrible place that I deserved with a smile and walked back into the University of North Alabama Class Room next week just to realize that I had just graduated with my Master’s Degree in Human Performance at the top of my class!! Yay, now that is an accomplishment.

At that moment I lost a little focus on a sport that I used to live for. That was a time in my life when I slowly backed aways from the super heavy lifting and started watching my old injuries get better and some get worse. Over the next year I moved to Madison and opened a private 800sq ft. training facility and started training 6 local baseball players. The results those kids got where something that no one in this town had ever seen and within 3 to 6 months I was the King of Sports Performance Training.

The parents were so happy that I have all the real world experience in the trenches as a highschool standout athlete, a college football players and a chamption bodybuilder and on top of that my biggest accomplishment is my Master’s Degree in Human Performance and Health Promotion. So word spread like wild fire around town….the words “C.H.A.M.P.” and “JUSTIN SWINNEY” and “Master’s Degree in Human Performance” “Mr. Alabama” “College Athlete” starting circling around town and I was getting phone calls and emails so fast that I could not control the rate at which my business was growing.

I decided to take a leap of faith and lease a building 3 times larger than where I currently was (3000 sq ft.) on  Castle Drive in a warehouse in a terrible location. My mindset on that 1 year lease was…if I can make this peice of crap warehouse building gym grow, then I know I have a product people will want. I know my product is worth searching back behind buildings and down windy streets. Well, in the year I was there, The business kept on growing and growing…

At the time I had picked up Bob Jones Football Strength and Conditioning, Madison Academy Softball Strength and Conditioning, Madison Academy Strength and Conditiong and was in the works with a few more at that time….Well, I knew my lease was running short and I needed to take an even bigger risk to get a bigger, better building that is in a good location with a safe environment. So, I did. I toured a 5,000sq ft. church on Hwy 72 in Madison that was going under. 

After walking through that first time, I knew it would be perfect. The building is 100ft x 50 ft. So, it allowed enough room for me to do 30 yards of straight turf. Also enough room for male and female locker rooms and showers. And it had Air Conditioning and Heat…my previous 2 locations did not have Air and that was gross and unsanitary. Having A/C this summer was amazing. It provided a safer and cleaner environment to workout in.  Not to mention my Role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach has spread to: Bob Jones Baseball, Bob Jones Volleyball, Bob Jones Cheerleaing, and still Madison Academy Softball and Madison Academy Cheerleading. 

Since this summer…We have ordered mulitiple new peices of equipment and yes it was all hand picked by me, so you know it is the best for performance atheletes and bodybuilders / fitness.  My gym , C.H.A.M.P. PERFORMANCE TRAINING 24/7 GYM,  has grown so fast that I lost motivation on working out for my own health and physique.  Now I have to find a way to grasp on that reality and make sure they guy who started this dream by looking in the mirror and wanting to change his body doesn’t go away.

That 23 year old kid, Mr. Alabama, is still standing there in the mirror waiting on me to want to get back to that level of bodybuilding, but he will be waiting just a little longer. The original athlete the little kid who was motivated to be a college football player. The kid who was a D-2 Runningback at UNA (until injuries ended his career), thinks if I can just get a little faster, if I can just get a little stronger, if I can just get a little leaner…man I will be unstoppable.  I’m calling myself out… I need to get back focused on a little workout time for me. I have had 1 serious workout in about 5 weeks, but I have been eating perfect.

I got my bodyfat done (10 days ago) and on a Parrillo 9 site skin fold I was 7% at 188lbs (175.5lbs. of Muscle) at 5’5. So, I have decided to to and get down to 180lbs. at 2.75% bodyfat… (175 lb.s of Muscle)….Why? you ask…Well, Honestly I love bodybuilding but I am too busy to eat the food it would take for me to be a IFBB pro and I dont’ have the time to train like I would need to train to be an IFBB pro. My life revolves around my family and C.H.A.M.P. PERFORMANCE So, I can find time to eat 3 to 4 solid healthy meals a day and maybe a Meal Replacement shake or two.

Now to solve my training time problem….I am booked alomost everyday from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. training others. But Saturday and Sundays I only work a quick 8 to 12 hour day. To Start the workouts, I am left with only one choice Open up and block off two hours during my slowest time of the day and not train clients during those times. I have also had to sacrifice Bob Jones Football Strength and Conditioning, due to time restraints I can’t be there as much as they need. So, I can sacrifice maybe 3 days a week for my workouts on Monday-Fri. And Saturday and Sunday can be Make-up days or Conditioning Only or Strongman Training or TRX only training or Core Specific Training or Sled Work Only…the weekends could get crazy or I could just use them as a lazy day with my family.

So, there is an insite inside my head and what has been going on with my training lately. To get a glimpse of what is yet to come…Show up at C.H.A.M.P. at 6 a.m. tomorrow.